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[KpopHerald]Hallyu star Jang Geun-suk’s film tops Japan chart

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A short film directed by hallyu star Jang Geun-suk (“Pretty Man”) topped the weekly film section of the Oricon Chart, Japan’s biggest music and entertainment ranking list, said PR agency Y Tree Media on March 25.

Titled “CAMP,” the 38-minute movie captures events that occur during Jang’s attempts to film wild animals in the Jejudo Island mountains as a documentary director.

The actor-singer participated in the planning and directing stages in collaboration with director Yoon Hong-seung (“The Target”), the PR agency said.

Jang is currently touring Japan for a concert series titled “The Chrishow 3.” His upcoming show will be on in Fukuoka from March 26-27.

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[News]A person involved in the show talked about “What the strength of Artist Jang Keun Suk is..?”

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Following the shows in Osaka, Jang Keun Suk successfully finished the Niigata shows held on 26th and 27th, which has added momentum to his tour “2015 JANG KEUN SUK THE CRI SHOW 3”. The show colored by his own analog sensibility got good reputations such as it created a healing atmosphere, communicating with fans emotionally.

Above all, throughout this tour, we can enjoy the live performance played by the same band so far. That’s why the stage has become more high-quality. The bandmaster, Jang Ji-won said, “I establish a rhythm with him, just seeing his eyes”. That proved his faith in JKS.

Starting with KBS music TV program ‘Timeless masterpieces 2 – singing legend’, Jang Ji-won is one of the best bandmaster who has worked with various artists such as SHINHWA, Vibe and so on. He said, “It was my first time working with a singer who is originally an actor. So I had a preconceived idea about his talent. But soon after I came to know how high-quality and perfect he pursues in the stage. I still remember his such professionalism gave me cold sweats even in our first practice. I understood he practices freely but, at the same time, pursues perfection, too. After that, I’ve come to join the practice well prepared with more responsibility and pressure. That’s why I don’t fail in JKS show”.

He added, “Every time I perform in JKS show, I get a new feeling. I mean I never feel the same even the set list is the same. I believe a song is not sung by talent only. I think JKS’ acting experience is very helpful to express songs more emotionally. He can sing a sad song more sadly, and happy song more happily. I think this is his unique strength”.
In this tour, there is 16 performances in total; hall performances of 12 stages in 6 cities, and arena performances of 4 stages in 2 cities. Upcoming Fukuoka tour is held at Fukuoka Sunpalace on April 1st and 2nd.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[News]Jang Keun Suk held Japan Official Fan Club 5th anniversary event ‘GIFT’

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Jang Keun Suk Japan Official Fan Club started 5 years ago. To celebrate the 5th anniversary, JKS held his first official fan meeting ‘Jang Keun Suk VALENTINE FANCLUB EVENT’ in Japan.

For 2 days, February 13th and 14th, he spent a heart-warming time with fans in Tokyo full of St. Valentine’s Day atmosphere.

Jang Keun Suk reached an important milestone, 5th anniversary for his Japan Official Fan Club. He’s held a lot of concerts or events in Japan so far, but surprisingly, it was his first official fan meeting in Japan. The venue, Tokyo International Forum Hall A was full of fans who had waited for the day to come. As the event title ‘GIFT’ shows, the fan meeting became a memorable event given from him to fans who keep supporting him for a long time.

In this event, 7 missions related to initials of ‘JKS GIFT’ were given to him and he had to complete them such as question time using a polygraph test, check for his personal items, impromptu dancing seeing his past videos, and live response to requests given by fans like “show us your bossy style of love confession at the camera!” “Show us your best smile!” and so on. Like this, this exclusive event was totally different from his concerts.

He even walked down from the stage to get closer to fans, and walked around the venue holding a selca bar. Such an unexpected event made the audience so happy. When the MC announced that he would walk around on the second floor as well as on the first floor, the venue was covered by the cheers of the audience. He really walked all over the venue. To respond his heart, all the audience kept the promises as the MC asked beforehand. No one left from their seat and tried to touch him. That proved their solid bond between JKS and fans (eels).

Usually JKS expresses his ideas from the planning stage actively, and joins the production part of each stage, but this time the detail was not revealed to him in advance. He looked a bit confused to know each mission he had to complete, but he seemed to have fun with fans from the bottom of his heart. When he looked back memories with fans over 5 years and saw message videos by fans, he seemed lost for words because he was very impressed with them.

Besides, there were surprise events that the audience held a message banner for 2 days. The event was full of love to reconfirm their special bond in the past and in the future. It was really suitable to be held on St. Valentine’s Day.

In addition, MV of a lead song ‘Hidamari (sunshine)’ included in his 3rd album released on February 25th was released during the event for the first time. And during the mini concert segment, he sang some songs such as ‘Always close to you’ ‘Save me’ ‘Turn off’ ‘Beautiful Change’ and so on. That made us to look forward upcoming CRI SHOW3 that starts in March from Oksaka.

And this event was confirmed to be released as DVD. The detail will be out on the official website later.

*Notice: 5 years mean the number of years that Frau International started to run his Japan Official Fan Club.

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Jang Keun Suk 3rd solo album ‘monochrome’

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The title of JKS’ 3rd solo album released on February 25th was confirmed as ‘monochrome’.
This album shows his two sides; one JKS is shining on stages, and the other JKS has concerns and worries. The visual image is also monochrome photo and expresses view of the world.