The graduate

The graduate

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

collecte_zikzin twitter Update

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As previously announced, Collecte de Zikzin has planned JKS Birthday Special Figure Contest. The applicants have to use JKS original figure doll worn their hand-made clothes. Now it’s the final round and the finalist dolls have been sent to Korea and Jang Keun Suk is going to decide the winner :)

Finally all JKS figure dolls sent to Korea have arrived in his hand! To tell the truth, we secretly made a booklet that includes photos of all the applicants’ dolls and sent it, too. Then, which doll will be selected by JKS!? We’ll announce the result on his birthday, August 4th, so please wait for a while.


tenshi_akuma’s note: There was several rounds to be selected as one of the finalists. The finalists are 8 dolls, but before that the candidates for the finalists were displayed at their shop and visitors could vote. There were more applicants dolls. You can glimpse this event on their special website. The hand-made clothes are really nice! What creative eels!

P.S. This Ameblo introduced some of candidates dolls ;)

[Dramafever]GUY CANDY: See Jang Keun Suk’s playful new photo shoot for The Star magazine!

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The “Prince of Asia,” Jang Keun Suk, looks absolutely adorable in his latest photo shoot for The Star’s August issue. JKS managed to dig deep and channel his inner 13-year-old self in order to pull off this whimsical and playful shoot. With a concept not far off from "child" and "teen," JKS was photographed doing all sorts of child-like activities.

He attempted and succeeded at blowing bubbles, he sat on a rocking horse much too small for his body, he rolled around on a skateboard, and my personal favorite: he posed like a cute cat between two apples! #JangKeunSukAWW

Below is the awesome footage of the photo shoot, which is sure to bring you 1 minute and 23 seconds of happiness. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[INNERview] Ep126 Top celebrity photographer, ZO Sun-hi

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ZO Sun-hi, the acclaimed female photographer who is recognized for her brilliant and creative photographs!

Jennifer Clyde, the new host of The INNERview, met with photographer ZO Sun-hi as her first guest to learn how she became one of the top photographers, whom every top celebrity wants to work with.

Surprisingly, the brilliant photographer didn’t actually major in Photography. She joined a photography club in university, where she discovered her intense passion for the art and decided to pursue it as her career. After graduating from university, she worked under the famous photographer KIM Jung-man as his assistant before opening her own studio and starting to work on independent projects. Since then, she has been working with top celebrities and taking mostly portrait photographs for movie posters and ads for the past 20 years.

To avoid being stereotyped against for not having specialized in the field in her university years, ZO Sun-hi devoted more time and effort than any other in order to continually upgrade herself and raise the quality of her works. She feels intense euphoria every time she presses the shutter-release button, and says that she’d like to take photographs as long as she lives.

Tune into The INNERview to learn the inspiring story of ZO Sun-hi, who climbed her way up to the top, as well as the behind-the-scene stories of working with top celebrities such as LEE Jung-jae, JUNG Woo-sung, LEE Byung-hun and JANG Keun-suk!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

[News]Jang Keun Suk’s Schedule from April to July 2014

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Credit: Panda_HK+Jks4ever Blog

April 26: Cafebene Beijing Fan Meeting.
Translation of the words on the poster: “Bene Have a Date with Star” between Mar 24 – Apr 20 2014, if you one time expense RMB 108 (USD 20) in Cafebene, you can win a ticket for JKS Fan Meeting on April 26. Total 800 tickets. First come first serve.

May 17 – 2014 Lotte Duty Free Jang Keun Suk The Memories Fan Meeting

June 14 – 1st ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting, Tokyo International Forum, TokyoJuly 19, 20 – 2nd ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ promotion event, Makuhari-Messe, Chiba